GF/GD Survey Analysis 1/3

Mooglefan on livejournal made a survey in 2010.

I wanna share Mooglefan's results with you.

(Mooglefan gave me the permission to post this on my former homepage. So if s_he doesn't want it to be shared here, too, please let me know!)


Girlfags + Guydykes Survey Analysis: Part 1

137 respondents participated total (including 57 girlfags and 8 guydykes) - thanks so much everyone everyone! Although there weren't as many guydyke participants as I was hoping for, their data is of course still considered and represented in the data here, plus any noticeable trends and perspectives will be covered in part 2. This will hopefully be the beginning of a wealth of information on girlfags and guydykes, and help them understand themselves and each other better!

There are two parts to this analysis: 1 - Statistics, 2 - Excerpts. This post covers part 1, with part 2 appearing at this LJ later in January, 2011. Many of the respondents checked that they would allow for excerpts, so you can expect some interesting trends and perspectives to be highlighted in the next part.

Any trends you noticed, comments you'd like to make on the data so far and so on are greatly appreciated.

This - statistics and charts -  covers the whole of the genderqueer survey - additional notes and statistics will are made throughout about trends amongst girlfags and guydykes.

131 respondents listed an age, the average age being 23, the median and mode at 21. Youngest respondent was 13, oldest was 60.

Girlfags: Of 57 girlfags, 53 gave an age - the average age being 23, the median and mode at 21. Youngest was 15, oldest was 48.
Guydykes: Of 8 guydykes, 7 gave an age - the average age being 27, the median 28, and the mode t 17. Youngest was 17, oldest was 34.

131 respondents listed a country, the most frequent places of residence being the USA (80) and UK (14).

Girlfags: Of 57 respondents, 53 gave a country, the most frequent places of residence being the USA (27), Germany (6), the UK (5), Canada (3), and Denmark (2).
Guydykes: Of 8 respondents, 5 were from the USA, one from the UK, one from Germany, and one from Australia.


Elsewhere, it had been suggested that this section be called something other than 'birth sex', as there was worry about conflating physical sex with gender, giving prevalence to cisgender privilege, etc., but that was not my intention with this question. It would have perhaps been better rendered with, instead of the options 'female' and 'male', choices of 'has a vagina' and 'has a penis', or 'assigned female at birth' and 'assigned male at birth', which both are of course not at all the same as identifying gender-wise as 'female' and 'male'! Chances are if you're visiting this community, you're already familiar with the concept that physical sex need not determine gender in the slightest, though there often is an interplay or at least something about a lived experience as this or that physical sex that may inform your own gender and/or sexuality, social perceptions and so on.

Male   19 14%
Female   113 82%
Intersex   0 0%
Prefer not to state   4 3%
Other   1 1%


Girlfags: All listed birth sex as female, apart from two listing as male. Although the definition for girlfag is "a biologically female individual who feels a strong romantic or erotic attraction towards gay or bisexual men, or their social environment", this goes to show that there are those who were assigned male at birth who are comfortable with the label "girlfag", a term which could be expanded to include any who are female identified (perhaps regardless of physical sex) who have an attraction to gay men and/or identify with gay men in some way. It should be noted also there were a number of respondents who identified as trans men (under the Gender Identity section) who were also comfortable with the term "girlfag" as being relevant to their orientation.

Guydykes: All listed birth sex as male, apart from two listing as female. See above and apply conversely for a "new" definition of guydyke.




  25 18%
Female   48 35%
Bigender (a tendency to move between feminine and masculine gender-typed behaviour depending on context)   28 20%
Trigender (a gender identification or feeling that a person is moving between or among genders: masculine, feminine and a third gender)   17 12%
Trans man   20 15%
Trans woman   8 6%
Pangender (a term for people who feel that they cannot be labeled as male or female in gender)   26 19%
Genderqueer (catch-all term for gender identities other than man and woman)   78 57%
Androgyne (a person who does not fit cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of their society)   51 37%
Neutrois (non-gendered)   17 12%
Questioning / unsure   37 27%
Other   26 19%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Since multiple checkboxes could be selected up to as many as a respondent felt they identitied with, I've analyzed what were the most identities for girlfags and guydykes to have.
Girlfags: Common identities were genderqueer (31), female (33), male (10), bigender (21), trigender (11), pangender (13), androgyne (21), questioning / unsure (25), trans man (9), neutrois (5).Two trans women also listed themselves as girlfags. Write-in responses included: girlfag, Trans ?, gender-fluid, boi.
Guydykes: Genderqueer (7), bigender (3), trans woman (2), pangender (2). It is worth noting that only one identified as "female" specifically, and none identified as "male" specifically.




Heterosexual   21 15%
Homosexual   20 15%
Androphilic (attraction to males)   38 28%
Gynephilic (attraction to females)   27 20%
Asexual (the lack of sexual attraction, the lack of interest in and desire for sex, or lack of a sexual orientation)   14 10%
Bisexual (an orientation involving physical or romantic attraction to both males and females)   32 23%
Pansexual (characterized by the potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love, or sexual desire towards people, regardless of their gender identity or biological sex)   62 45%
Girlfag (a biologically female individual who feels a strong romantic or erotic attraction towards gay or bisexual men, or their social environment)   57 42%
Guydyke (a biologically male person who feels a strong romantic or erotic attraction towards lesbians, bisexual women, or lesbian culture)   7 5%
Queer   65 47%
Polyamorous (the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved)   28 20%
Questioning / unsure   18 13%
Other   26 19%

People may select more than one checkbox


Girlfags: All listed as girlfags, with one girlfag listing guydyke as well. Common orientations include: androphilic (30), queer (26), pansexual (26), bisexual (20), gynephilic (13), polyamorous (13), homosexual (13), heterosexual (12), and questioning (10). Write-in responses inclluded one instance of demisexual ("a person who does not experience sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional connection with someone, often in a romantic relationship") and one instance of sapiosexual ("a form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others").

Guydykes: The survey chart shows 7 but there were really 8, as one wrote in "guydyke" under other. All listed as guydykes, with one guydyke listing girlfag as well (the same as mentioned in the preceding section). Common orientations include: queer (4), bisexual (3), pansexual (3), questioning (3), and gynephilic (2). It is interesting to note that only one listed as "heterosexual", and only one as "homosexual". Write-ins included one instance of trans guydyke and one instance of male admirer.


Masculine   42 31%
Feminine   65 47%
Androgynous / Blended   102 74%
Neutral   38 28%
Other   9 7%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.


Girlfags: Androgynous / blended (40), feminine (36), masculine (14), neutral (12). One write-in entry of non-gendered (which I thought was the same as 'neutral', but perhaps not?).

Guydykes: Androgynous / blended (6), feminine (4), masculine (3), neutral (1).


Masculine (Him / He / His)   49 37%
Feminine (She / Her / Hers)   73 55%
Neutral (Them / They / Theirs)   53 40%
Invented pronouns (Zi / Hir / other possibilities)   22 17%
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.


Girlfags: Feminine (41), masculine (16), neutral (16), invented (6).
Guydykes: Neutral (5), feminine (3), masculine (2), invented (1).


Do you wear make-up? - OVERALL CHART
Often   33 24%
Rarely   43 31%
Almost never / absolutely never   54 39%
No, but I might try   6 4%


Girlfags: Almost never (42), often (21), rarely (16), and one instance of "No, but I might try"
Guydykes: Rarely (5), almost never (2), and one instance of "No, but I might try"


Romantic Status - OVERALL CHART
Single   77 56%
Dating   7 5%
Monogamous Relationship   23 17%
Polyamorous Relationship   8 6%
Engaged   1 1%
Married   7 5%
Other   14 10%

Girlfags: Single (35), dating (3), married (5), monogamous relationship (7), polyamorous relationship (2), engaged (1).
Guydykes: Single (4), monogamous relationship (3),

polyamorous relationship (1).

Statistics of turn-ons and expressions of sexuality will be discussed in 2 - Excerpts and Analysis.