Are girfags & guydykes trans?

That is one of the frequently asked questions that is not that easy to answer.

The concept of gf/gd is close to "transgender"(which is an umbrella term including a wide variety of gender variant people). Some girlfags and guydykes identify as genderqueer or transgender. Others don't.


In my eyes for understanding the concept of gfgd it's important to realize that not only may biological sex and social gender be independent from each other - sexual orientation may also be independent from both of them. If we use girlfags as an example, you may imagine an axis where there are heterosexual fag hags on the one side and gay trans men on the other. Girlfags are somewhere in between.

To which side they lean to is different from individual to individual. So that's why some girlfags prefer male pronouns for themselves, some female pronouns. What they have in common is that they are sufficiently in between the categories not to call themselves "heterosexual females" and not (yet at least*) "gay trans men".


You could also say that gf/gd is a sexual and social identity, while transgender is a gender identity. Both identities can appear together in the same person, but they don't have to.


* "Yet" because several gay trans men have called themselves girlfags before identifying as trans men.


In the GF/GD-Survey you can read:

Since multiple checkboxes could be selected up to as many as a respondent felt they identitied with, I've analyzed what were the most identities for girlfags and guydykes to have.

Girlfags: Common identities were genderqueer (31), female (33), male (10), bigender (21), trigender (11), pangender (13), androgyne (21), questioning / unsure (25), trans man (9), neutrois (5).Two trans women also listed themselves as girlfags. Write-in responses included: girlfag, Trans ?, gender-fluid, boi.

Guydykes: Genderqueer (7), bigender (3), trans woman (2), pangender (2). It is worth noting that only one identified as "female" specifically, and none identified as "male" specifically."