Mimicry (Trailer)

Ein Coming-Out-Film über eine schwule Frau von Jennifer von Schuckmann. Mehr Infos zum Film gibt es hier.

Mini series about a guydyke

Queer Diversity Project Vienna

Spot the girlfag! ;)

Girlfags & Guydykes @GenderqueerChat

Genderqueer and non-binary identities

The "LGBT and Life awareness vlog" and Roly introduce some identities, e.g. agender, genderfluid, genderfuck or demiboy. Girlfags and guydykes are also on the list.

Women who love gay men: Bianca, Sarah and Clare at the Tyra Banks Show

Queering Heterosexuality with Janet Hardy

This interview with Janet Hardy took place at the "Sex/Philosophy Symposium", held in Sydney at Critical Path. Janet Hardy is the author of "Girlfag: A Life told in Sex and Musicals".

Songs about Girlfags & Guydykes

Songs about - or at least close to -  gf/gd or some aspects of it. Enjoy!


Check out Tochter Kampfstrumpfs list with more songs about Girlfags!

Rita Suszek: Girlfag (Cover of "Bird Dog" by the Everly Brothers)

(...) first she'll find a guy - she's a girl,
yeah they're gonna try - she's a fag,
then she'll find a girl - she's a girl,
that'll cause a stir - she's a fag,
then she'll go for two
cause this is what you do
when you're a girlfag! (...)

Jiga: I wish I was a lesbian

We'll never know whether they planned to make a music video about a guydyke or if this is just... experimental art. Whatever the intention was, it's cool! :)

Schneewittchen: Mark und Richard

(...) Wenn ein Mann einen Mann liebt,
werd ich ganz verrückt!
Ach, ich wär so gern dazwischen,
davon wär ich entzückt. (...)

Tokyo Diiva: I’m in love with a gay boy

Book of Love: Boy

(...) I want to be where the boys are
But I'm not allowed
I wait outside of the boy's bar
I wait for them to all come out


(...) It's not my fault
That I'm not a boy
It's not my fault
I don't have those toys.

Peaches: Two guys for every girl

The song every girlfag must know. ;)

(...) I wanna see you boys get down with each other
I wanna see you do your little nasty brother
Just one thing I can't compromise
I wanna see you work it guy on guy
On guy, guy, guy, guy (...)