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Welcome to my homepage about girlfags and guydykes (short: gf/gd), gay-male women and lesbian men or non-binary people who identify as girlfags or guydykes.

Please notice that most - though not all - pages of this homepage are translated into English as well. The English text can be found in green under the German text. Or if it's too much text to provide both language versions on one page- you will find a sub-menu on the left side.

Translations can be found in the sections
Wer sind Girlfags & Guydykes? ("Who are girlfags & guydykes?") and sub-menus. As well as Essays  and Über mich ("About me"). Also some of the Statements of other girlfags and guydykes (Berichte von GF/GD) are English. The FAQ are provided in English, too.

You will also find a lot of english information among the Links and most of the videos are english as well. I'm a German native speaker - so I do my best with translating into English.


Some of you may know that I had a homepage for girlfags and guydykes years ago that I had to shut down because of provider problems. It's finally online again! I try to provide as much information as possible in German AND English and I hope to make the articles and informations available to a broader public again. A lot of things have happend since I was online for the first time in 2008. Just click on Links & Literatur or Videos and you will be surprised.

I am not a sociologist or a sexologist. I'm not an expert with the scientific backgroud that might be useful. It just happened that I am the one who founded this homepage, the german discussion board and the Facebook group.

What I tell you on this page is based on my observations and experiences during the past few years. It might not be everybody's experiences.